Our Story

-Mission Statement-
To promote a love for American nature and give back to those that have protected it.

Hello, I’m James. The great American outdoors has always inspired my wife, Carly, and myself. From sandy shores to prominent peaks, each state provides a new adventure. This is our story:

Originally from Oregon (me) and Massachusetts (Carly), we now work and play in Utah. We both love where we come from and where we are now. Our love for adventure gradually led us to visit some of the many wild places in America. This got us thinking that each state was so much more than just it’s name. I wasn’t just from Oregon, I was forest grown. We didn’t just live in Utah; we explored untamed earth. Every state had a statement to make.

And with that United Statements was born.

Through our experiences outdoors we began to feel a great sense of gratitude for American nature and those that protect it. We are only free to roam because of the men and women that fight for our country each day.

That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to Veterans Expeditions.

Veterans Expeditions is a Veteran led chartered, non-profit in the state of Colorado with an independent board that operates nation wide.
Click here to learn more about Veterans Expeditions.

We can all make an impact. Big or small! Purchase something from United Statements or donate directly to Veterans Exepditions.

Use #LetFreedomRoam on social media platforms to help us spread love for American nature and gratitude for those that have protected it.Let Freedom Roam